Oh what a night

One week. This is how long it took me to recover from the ethical fashion and art party Esabitchin II.

The turn out was amazing on this rainy NYC night. Our preparation definitely paid off. Not only did ESA organize the models, photographers and invite press, but they put together a great art exhibition in collaboration with the 529 Arts Avenue Gallery.

Check out a quick impression here: Our models are standing to the right.

On our end, we were not shy letting visitors know why we love art so much. Around our pop up, we've exhibited art from many of our collaborating artists such as Choice Royce, Noemi Manser, Ramon Vega, Claire Lorenzo and Maku Lopez. Is it the first time you're reading some of these names here on the blog? If yes, it's because we're working on some really cool new designs for right now!

I don't want to give away too much right now, but it's going to be so New York, you'll love it :-)


graphic t-shirt urban style



Saturday, can't wait till Saturday (May 13)

Celebrating ethical fashion with music, art and dance is probably the best way to do it!

That's why we're teaming up with the great ladies of ESA (Evolving Sustainable Apparel, and a few other ethical designers.

So if you're happen to be in New York, swing by at our Esabitchin II ethical fashion party in the Lower East Side! Here's everything you need to know:

Hope to see you there!

Artist designs in pipeline (Not the Dakota Access one)

I don't even know where to start with. For our graphic T-shirts we're teaming up with so many great NYC based artists.

I'll give you a snek preview from time to time. Promised. But first, check out one of our future collaborators, Choice Royce aka Royce Bannon aka Roycer, who's featured in this brand new documentary Sticky Community by the Juxtapoz Magazine on the influence of stickers in street culture. Other artists featured include "Sticky Community" features Shepard Fairey, Marc Ecko, Eli Morgan Gessner, 14 Bolt, Eric Haze, Chris RWK, Above, CJ Ramone and El Toro. The 4-part documentary should be completed over the next two weeks.


Two of the most famous stickers, which found their way in to pop culture and fashion are by Shepard Fairey and feature "André the Giant

Let's---- seee

Let's---- seee