Ethical Fashion Show Berlin and.. Seek 2018

It. was. intense.

The Berlin Fashion Week comprises a multitude of official events and trade shows and of course even more smaller happenings.

We attended the Ethical Fashion Show as visitors in order to get a vibe and some infos on the ethical fashion scene. We couldn't call us an urban brand without having a peek at Seek, a massive trade show for all the streetwear brands. It's quite overwhelming at first, but if you take your time to look at the individual exhibitors you'll feel more comfortable. We've been impressed with the style and quality of a few brands. And we've been really disappointed to see some brands not making an effort or rather not having a clear concept. It's definitely something we have to work on, too. Which we did btw, countless hours of discussions and argueing back and forth over our future.

Wenke and I have reached a point, where we feel we're pushing in the right direction. You'll see some changes in the future. ANYA will definitely be more "European"...

We'll keep you posted!


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