Hangin' with the artists

Exciting times are ahead of us. Not only are we looking forward to Fashion Revolution week, when ethical and sustainable fashion are being promoted and discussed, but we’re adding a couple of designs to our collection of Fairtrade certified cotton T-shirts!

Just this week alone, we’ve met with two very talented New York based designers. On Monday, we were invited to Chrissy Angliker’s Studio at the Candy Factory in Brooklyn. Chrissy is an incredibly talented artist whose approach and  painting technique make her style very unique. Even though she plans a painting before putting paint on the canvas, her work is very intuitve. Chrissy leaves room for the unexpected giving her paint room to breathe and deform. The process of a piece coming together is as important to her as the final work itself.

Art by Chrissy Angliker


She uses A LOT of paint. The studio walls and floors could probably tell countless stories. Hence, her surrounding becomes a part of a piece of art itself. We were truely impressed and her suggestion how A New York Affair could collaborate was just logic. Stay tuned and follow our instagram. You'll see some progress there!

Fairtrade rubber shoes on Chrissy's paint


The next evening we were hanging out with Royce aka Choice Royce aka  Roycer 700 ( at his favorite dive bar in Manhattan. Royce is a offspring of the graffiti scene in Harlem and his now involved in the underground sticker art scene, but surfaces with different styles in the more conventional art environment. We loved hanging out with Royce as he is a born and bred New Yorker, who had his art sense shaped and sharpened by the street! He gave us so much insight into the street scene, I think we could have chatted for much longer. Again, be sure to follow us and @roycer_700 for updates. This is one of the stickers he produced. Walk around NYC and keep your eyes off the smartphone, surely you'll come across his art!

Royce Sticker Art

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Let's---- seee

Let's---- seee