What's cooking

Hi everyone out there!

We hope you you had a great start in to 2018 and you're excited for more ethical  and Fairtrade fashion!

We can't wait to attend the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin next week. The industry's leaders will be there showcasing their latest collection alongside major conventional brands. We'll be there to network, meet potential suppliers and simply to get inspired.

We've been testing natural dyes in order to offer you more colour variety. I shall keep you posted on the process.. :-)

And don't worry, we still love New York eventhough we're not physically present anymore.

New York Loves Fairtrade fashion


The Move

Jamil's move has been the reason you haven't heard from us in a while. I moved from Brooklyn to Berne (Switzerland) and took parts of A New York Affair with me. The result are a few open questions (English vs. German, New York style vs. European style etc.) and the formalisation of the label here in Switzerland. Thank god, Wenke is still holding her ground in the city that never sleeps...

My goal is to grow the ethical and fair fashion label based in Switzerland, but to never forget where it all started:

New York City.

Oh I miss the city already, but I'll be back!



3..2...1 Our new t-shirts are in

... and they'll blow your socks off!

This time we added some interviews with the artists in order to give you insights, knowledge about their approach and especially an opinion of the design now available in our shop!

We've also updated the page "Meet the artists". We met, we collaborated and we can truly say they're all unbelievable human beings!


Let's---- seee

Let's---- seee